About Us

Artest Management Group, Inc.'s mission is to facilitate opportunities for established and rising talent that will diversify their market reach through creative business concepts, traditional and digital media, and social media marketing. AMG is dedicated to building long-term relationships with clients through top tier services and support, reducing barriers to entry for a talent through established partnerships, generating unique and creative marketing ideas, and playing a key role in the growth of client’s personal brand. The goal is steady expansion, becoming a leader and pioneer in the industry, and helping clients generate wealth and name recognition.

Keys to Success

AMG focuses on key items to ensure business success and growth:
  • Develop and nurture client growth through creative and innovative marketing, branding and media campaigns
  • Continue to be an innovator in the media, including television, radio, and digital space
  • Remain on the forefront of media and tech trends

Competitive Position

The entertainment, sports and digital media climates are ever changing and are as diversified as their respective markets. AMG is well positioned to take advantage of the significant opportunities presented by the expanding industry of personal branding. With an Advisory Board of many seasoned professionals and clients who currently enjoy mass media attention, the company has strong ties to its target customers. Artest Management Group distinguishes itself from its competitors by having a better understanding of its client’s needs. AMG’s slogan, “We Create Opportunities,” is designed to inspire and reassure its clients in a market that at times appears impenetrable.

AMG’s message emphasizes that it's personal branding initiatives will be innovative, creative, unorthodox, and cutting edge. Clients are looking for a company that will have the ability to break though the barriers to entry and create a completely original personal brand that is authentic to our clients' passions, beliefs and lifestyles.